Award Nominations

My photoblog was nominated for two awards; The Liebster award and Blog of the year!


Thank you Sliced Science – for The Liebster Award – and Dream Lenz – for Blog of the year.
You are very kind and your blogs are of great interest to me. I’m very happy and honoured!

Sliced Science is about creating “short n’ sliced explanations for the science around you” and I find it rather unique.
Great topics, nice, funny and interesting to read. Go follow!

Dreamlenz is a beautiful photoblog where you can enjoy fantastic photos. Nature, people, b&w-photos
and much more! If you want some inspiration or just wanna enjoy lovely captures then go follow!

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

These are the questions & answers, from Sliced Science (the Liebster award):

– 4 favourite hobbies and why

1.) Photography and art/painting – II have always been a creative person with a lot of ideas. Photography, art, music – to play the piano and guitar and to make short film (movies) was hobbies of great interests since I was a child. For ten years when I bought my first digital camera, my photo hobby just increased.

2.) Writing – I like to write and read as well. Currently I write a novel for children. I write articles/blogs, but sometimes fiction too and poems…(I am an educated librarian)

3.) Psychology/religion/health – I read a lot and like to think about these topics. Because of some mysterious experiences the past three years, and because of my health getting worse at the same time, it made me think very much about life, the meaning of life and health…

4.) Travel and Culture – I like to explore cultures and see new things and other people.

3 destinations you would like to visit
First of all – I love to travel! I could hardly imagine one place I don’t like to visit.  I would like to go hiking in Madeira! Switzerland and Norway as well.
Go and see Brazil because of the stunning and beautiful nature. Africa and especially South Africa.  California.  China and Australia, Thailand, India and theres many more destinations…  (I can’t pic just three. :p)

2 good memories:
I pick two travel memories: I have been to Norway and just love Norway because of the beautiful nature so that was an amazing trip/memory. And also Montenegro – for the same reason! (Been too Barcelona, Paris and New York and love them too, because of the culture.)

1 reason why I blog:
I love the idea to share information and to learn at the same time. I think the best way to learn something for yourself is to teach about it! It becomes more clearly to you. I want to encourage other people to do the same thing. Compose, design and write articles, it’s just lovely and you explore things at the same time. In this photoblog, I want to learn more about photography – to share ideas and get ideas from other people as well.

* * *

Now to my nominations, (I think I can only nominate wordpress-blogs – is that right?!) for the Liebster award (in no particular order):


Violet Gallery
Ajaytao 2010
Calee photography
Where God takes me
Mustard Seed Budget
Jasmine Kyle
Hellboy2503’s Foto-Blog
Studio Roy Robinson

Nominations for Blog of The Year:

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Three Hundred Sixty-Five
Mary Gilmartin | Writing & Books
Elenacarevela’s Blog
Canadian Hiking Photography
Christian Mihai
Bente Haarstad Photography
Metaphorical Marathons (Sarah Rose) – children’s book reviews

My Questions to the nominees are:

1.) Where are you from – tell me a little about yourself.
2.) What’s your favourite movie?
3.) What’s your favourite book? And why. (or your favourite author)
4.) Christmas song you must listen too!?
5-7.) 3  destinations you would like to visit?
8.) One special memory that you would like to share?
9-10.) Tell me two things about your self that hardly no one knows about you.


20 thoughts on “Award Nominations

  1. Good luck on the awards… and thanks for including me in your nominations. I’m still a novice in all this, so trying to understand what it all means! Even so, I’m flattered and enjoying the fun. Best, RR

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