My tribute to Andy Warhol




10 thoughts on “My tribute to Andy Warhol

    1. Oh, that’s nice! 🙂 The horses are very common here.
      I tried to use some typical swedish things for this. (Kalles Kaviar is something we have on the sandwish, so I used Kalles head instead of Marilyn Monroes who Warhol used.)

      1. Yeah I know it looks very nice! When I was there, people gave me 2 things actually; the typical colourful horse and a pin ant-because the swedish society is similar to that of ants regarding collaboration and working (as far as I can remember..) Ahh you can see I miss Sweden 😀

      2. Actually, I never heard of the pin ant before! 🙂 But that’s true regarding collaboration and working! You’re welcome here again 😀

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