Stockholm II – Old town and Skeppsholmen


This is my second post from Stockholm, Sweden. The first photos is from Gamla Stan. Enjoy!



The beautiful walls and windows.




‘Gamla Stans Livs’


Lot’s of small art store’s



The boat ‘Riddarholmen’


Tourists on the bridge


The Royal Palace


The little island ‘Skeppsholmen’ with the ship ‘Af Chapman’ – a hostel and restaurant



Tourists relaxing on board Af Chapman and enjoying the view.


18 thoughts on “Stockholm II – Old town and Skeppsholmen

  1. I love some of the shadows in these pictures, creates a lovely atmosphere! 🙂 I said last time your pictures reminded me of a few of the old cobbled streets in Norwich, Norfolk, but some of these make me think of scenes in the Chocolate film. Which is France of course, not Stockholm. You can tell I watch lots of films can’t you!? 😉 The weather looks very nice, much better than we are getting in the UK at the moment! 🙂

    1. Yes, I guess you like to see movies, just like I do. So they reminded you of chocolate – which of them?
      It was a very warm and hot day, a great day! 😀

      1. The first one, and the fifth and sixth. Something about the cobbled twisty turning street with the tall houses very close together. I been trying to find some pictures on line, but no success yet for street scenes. You’ll just have to watch the film!! 😀 Oh – and I should have said Chocolat, without the ‘e’ – French spelling!

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