Streetphotos from Stockholm (III)



Here are a few more photos, that I forgot to show you earlier. Above the non violence symbol, near Hötorget in Stockholm.
And below, Sergels torg, with a man standing in the front of the ‘Kulturhuset’ (Culture house with theater, library and much more…)


Three girls relaxing and listening to music…


Outside the Nationalmuseum.




Drottninggatans Bok & Bild is a nice bookshop that I visit now and then.






Stockholms ‘Hop on, hop off’  red buses is a way for tourists to see the city. You can see the big theater Dramaten behind the bus, to the left.


Women standing in front of the Åhléns house, talking or reading on their cell-phones…


Bicyclist in front of the Royal Castle on Skeppsbron.


5 thoughts on “Streetphotos from Stockholm (III)

  1. Love Stockholm! Black and white is gorgeous here, and one of my favourite symbols is the peace symbole with the gun. I had a pin once, when this was new, but I’m afraid I have lost it.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy you liked my shots in bw, really glad you do. The peace symbol with the gun is so nice. I was informed that Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd made this piece of art and that there is at least 14 of these around the world. The most famous is probably the one in front of the UN building.

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